SCHEIBINOX - Stainless Steel Reinforcement
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SCHEIBINOX is one of Germany´s leading producer of stainless steel reinforcement. We produce stainless steel reinforcement in different qualities and diameters and are continuously monitored by the Material Testing Office North Rhine-Westphalia (MPA NRW) in Dortmund.

As a family-owned enterprise we offer our customers professional consultation and support, flexibility and customer focus, high quality as well as reliability and short lead times.

We are specialized in stainless steel reinforcement

Manufacturing of cold worked stainless steel reinforcement in nominal diameter sizes from 6mm to 14mm.
Lean duplex steel Inoxripp4486® (special chemical composition of steel grade 1.4482 (S32001), technical approval number Z-1.4-261)
Lean Duplex 1.4362 (S32304, technical approval number Z-1.4-228)
Austenite 1.4571 (316 TI, technical approval number Z-1.4-50)
Other steel grades on request - for instance: 1.4301 (304), 1.4462 (S31803), 1.4003 (S40977)
Diameters 16 mm to 32 mm in Inoxripp4486® (steel grade S32001), hot rolled, always on stock

Our stainless steel reinforcement products
Cold rolled in coils
Reinforcement bar
Bending parts / Stirrups
Stainless steel rebar mesh for the Hoesch Additive Floor

Quality Guarantee

During the manufacturing process of our cold rolled stainless steel reinforcement, we do strictly comply with the regulations stipulated by the national technical approval. Our high quality standard is ensured due to constant self-monitoring as well as the regular supervision by Material Testing Office North Rhine-Westphalia (MPA NRW).

We guarantee: no occurrence of contact-rust on our steel!



Technical Approvals Z-1.4-50 and Z-1.4-228 extended
Our Technical Approvals Z-1.4-50 for Steel Grade 1.4571 (316 TI) and Z-1.4-228 for Steel Grade 1.4362 (S32304) have been extended by DIBt. >>more

Inoxripp4486 diameter 14mm as rods and bent components
We are now able to produce our Inoxripp4486 in diameter 14mm as rods and bent components. >>more

Inoxripp4486 now available in diameter 32mm
We are now able to offer our Inoxripp4486 in diameter 32mm. >>more

Inoxripp4486 available in diameter 14mm
We are now able to produce our Inoxripp4486 in diameter 14mm as Coil. >>more

Corrosion resistance class 3 for our Inoxripp4486
As a special composition for steel grade 1.4482 (S32001), our Inoxripp4486 is classified as and will stay in corrosion resistance class 3. >>more

New website and email adress
With our new website we also changed our main email adress. From now on you can contact us at

Membership in trademark association “Edelstahl Rostfrei”
SCHEIBINOX joined the registered trademark association “Edelstahl Rostfrei”. >>more





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